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If you are looking for perfect tradesman trailer in Melbourne.A1 Trailers Melbourne is the best tradesman top trailer manufacturer in Melbourne. We build excellent quality trailers with top quality material. We design our tradesman trailer as per specific customer or business requirements so that you can fit every tool you need for your business.

We manufacturer range of tradesmen trailers 7×5 tandem tradesman top trailers,8×5 tandem tradesman top trailers, Custom designed trailers.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs. We believe in building long term relationships with quality work.


☑ 15 months Standard warranty

☑ 24 months Structural warranty

☑ Australian Made

☑ Excellent Performance

☑ Optional extras

Need something particular that you dont see on list of trailers for sale?

We are happy to arrange a consultation to see if we can build something special to please you. Give us a call now at 03 8361 8581

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