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Towing Advice

When towing a trailer, it is important to remember that your acceleration and braking speed may be affected. Similarly, in normal circumstances, simple maneuvers may be more difficult to take when pulling a trailer.

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Laws and rules in VICTORIA

☑ Consult the owner’s manual of your vehicle to see if the manufacturer indicates the recommended towing speed. If this is the case, these instructions must always be followed.

☑ Your vehicle will react differently during normal maneuvers such as braking, acceleration and turning when towing a trailer. You should always consider this in your driving.

☑ It is important to remember that you drive a much longer and possibly wider vehicle when towing a trailer. It is especially important to keep this in mind when cornering, as a wider path will be needed.

☑ Different states have different maximum speed limits for towing a trailer, boat trailer or caravan. Therefore, if you are traveling between states, make sure you know the local restrictions before you cross the border.

☑ Your vehicle and trailer can start to swing when overtaken. Therefore, if you are overwhelmed, especially by a heavy or heavy vehicle, be sure to leave as much room as possible. If the opportunity arises, use slow traffic lanes and lanes that allow faster vehicles to overtake.

☑ Make sure you have the appropriate license for towing vehicle.

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