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Frequently asked QUESTIONS

Do you register trailers for your customers?

Yes, We do register trailers for our customers on spot.

How long will it take to design and manufacturer a trailer?

The time we allocate is usually for 2 weeks. It depends on the pending orders. We might deliver your order early. Sometimes, the wait for a personalized custom made trailers work can last from 4 to 6 weeks. To get an accurate time estimate, Give us a call at +61455671111.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards, cash, bank transfer, and EFTPOS.

Why there are no trailers prices mentioned on your website?

We offer a wide range of trailers options and all your trailers are made considering individuals customer requirements. That’s why we didn’t mention any prices on our website. To get a Free estimated price for your project, give us a call at +61455671111 to get a quote.

Can you modify my existing trailer?

Our Professional engineers would be happy to assist with any modification requirements for any type of trailers, even if it was bought elsewhere.

Do you offer any warranty on your trailers?

We use the best quality materials to build your trailers and also offer 15 months Standard Warranty and 24 months Structural Warranty* compared to some manufacturer’s who only offer 12 months.

Will my trailer rust?

Any metal used in rough conditions can get rust. It usually starts with roads chips and slowly with moisture the areas become larger. Other unpreventable areas are such as door hinges and locks. We recommend doing small touch-ups to these areas using small spray cans available at your local hardware store.

Do you manufacturer your trailers in Australia or you export from Overseas?

We are a proud Australian registered company. All our trailers are made by our professional engineers with excellent experience in the industry at our factory located at 19 Westwood drive, Ravenhall, VIC-3023. We don’t export any trailers from overseas.

What standard features do you offer on trailers?

All of our Melbourne Trailers for sale come with a jockey wheel, front fill, high quality LED lights and the mechanical disc with calipers as standard. Other optional features (such as a spare wheel) are available upon request for a surcharge.

How long will trailer handover take?

We usually recommend our customers to allow up to 60 minutes extra. We will explain to you, How to attach the trailer, provide safety tips and explain local laws. Our aim is to make sure when you leave us your confident and satisfied with your purchase.

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