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Tandem Trailers

A1 Trailers Ravenhall in Melbourne specialize in tandem trailers. Our professional engineers have a wide range of experience in building a tandem trailer. All our trailers are built using Australian quality materials with expert knowledge in the industry.

We supply a range of trailers in Melbourne such as an 8×5 tandem trailer.9×5 tandem trailer. If you are looking for tandem trailers for sale in Melbourne look no further than A1 trailers ravenhall in Melbourne. All our trailers are built to build long term business relationship with our customers.

We make sure when you leave us with your trailer, our customer is happy and satisfied with the quality and design of the trailers.

☑ 15 months Standard warranty

☑ 24 months Structural warranty

☑ Australian Made

☑ Excellent Performance

☑ Optional extras

Need something particular that you dont see on list of trailers for sale?

We are happy to arrange a consultation to see if we can build something special to please you. Give us a call now at 03 8361 8581

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